Important Event Update

The SECGC event scheduled for 20th to 22nd of October is postponed due to unforeseen circumstances.
We are already looking forward to bringing you an even more incredible event in 2024! Stay tuned for updates.

Welcome to!

Star Wars Zone

Visit our Mobile Planetarium

The planetarium is offered courtesy of the Observatory Science Centre. The Observatory Science Centre at Herstmonceus was for many years the home of the Royal Greenwich Observatory and a working observatory. Now run as an educational charity and science outreach they offer a host of activities and events linked to science and the history of the observatory. In onse sen or another we have been exploring space since 1675!”

In the planetarium we can take you from the surface of the Earth to the Moon, planets, distant stars and the furthest reaches of the universe, or we can dive into the inner workings of the human body at the lowest levels. Most shows are presenter lead and can change dynamically as the audience asks for destinations and we follow their curiosity. Or we can follow a set tour around the solar system and universe or we can select from a large library of fulldome films.”


Give us a call 07873 730735 or send us an email